Proga Story

Before creating my own fishing gear brand, I was a fisherman, often feeling that the fishing gear sold in the market can’t reach my expectations. One day, when I was fishing with a group of friends, suddenly someone gave me a concept of creating a brand. So I stood up and immediately called my team to start thinking and brainstorming our new plan. Finally, a word “PROGA” was selected as our brand name after hundred times of try, “PRO” stands for professional in English has the meaning of “professional”, which expresses our desire to establish a professional fishing brand; the word “Proga” means “avant-garde” and represents our brand,will always be looking forward to catching-up with the new generation and technology as a lead and role model for all of the fishing gear brands! It also proves that we want to bring our consumers the latest technology and be determined to achieve the best quality of services and products.