NINJ NJ-7781 Mata Kail Udang Maut , Mata Maut, Mata Kail Udang Harimau, Special Custom Design Killer Prawn Hook

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NINJ NJ-7781 Mata Maut Ninj Mata Maut hook has been specially processed and coated with special material which is designed with a powerful rust resistant function and extraordinary durability. This product is manufactured by high power carbon material imported from Japan. Ear hook are particularly Sharp handling. This type of hook has been test through. Enjoy this Ninj Mata Maut hook with reliable and exciting fishing experiment. - Japan Material - Carbon Coat - Extremely Sharp & Strong - Black Nickel Material - Custom Design - 1 Pack 15Pcs Hook Size Available - 1 (1pack 15pcs) - 2 (1pack 15pcs) - 3 (1pack 15pcs)